December 7, 2022

Class 101 Announces National Merit Semifinalists

Class 101 students distinguish themselves in all aspects of student life. Among the most impressive ways a student can make themselves known is with the National Merit® Scholarship Program. Every September, some 50,000 students are recognized for their high-achieving Preliminary SAT results as a commended student, semi-finalist or finalist.

This year, we are proud to recognize that 26 of our Class 101 students have qualified as semi-finalists for the 2023 National Merit Scholarship Program. Many have been awarded scholarship prizes. National Merit scholarships range from one-time $2,500 scholarships to corporate- or college-sponsored scholarships at full tuition. Additionally, 19 of our Class 101 students have been recognized as National Merit commended students.

Semi-finalist students recognized today can apply for recognition as a finalist for additional scholarships. Around 15,000 students from among these applicants will be chosen as finalists to receive these awards.

The National Merit Scholarship can make a great impact for a student as they work to make college more affordable. More than that, recognition as a National Merit Finalist, Semi-Finalist, or Commended student can make a student’s application stand out.

Congratulations to these Class 101 students. We are so very proud of you! Class of 2023 Semi-Finalists and Commended students include:

Bloomington, IN
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Jessica Berger
    • Rawden Harris
    • Carina Jacobson
    • Kiefer Kettenis
    • Nora Nelson Laird
  • Commended
    • Maria Anferova
    • Jake Keller
    • Chris Liam
Central Wisconsin
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Nicholas Knezic
Colorado Springs, CO
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Joshua Dykes
Dayton, OH
  • Semi-Finalist 
    • Dhruv Sadhu
  • Commended
    • Sam McLain
    • Katherine Picca
    • Nathan Snizik
Franklin, TN
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Emma Grace Burrell
    • Davis Foster
    • Megan Hopfensperger
  • Commended
    • Gianna DelConte
    • Hannah Smokler
    • Reilly Kate Ferguson
    • Mira Scannapieco
    • Baylee Berryhill
Irving, TX
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Raghav Katta
Lexington, KY
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Isabella Galavotti
    • Max Morris
    • Pierce Nunnelley
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Corinth Enemark Chalk
Mobile, AL
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Ryker Quinones
Northeast Cincinnati
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Urav Hingrajia
  • Commended
    • Kayley Knollman
    • Niki Prabhakar
    • Joshua Williamson
Southwest Missouri
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Emma Conrad
    • Eleanor Hilotin
Treasure Coast, FL
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Cole Andre
  • Commended
    • Lilac Malosky
    • Ben McCulley
    • Kate Parr
West St. Louis County
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Alison Loudenback
Westerville, OH
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Connor Slutsky
  • Commended
    • Brian Goh
Wilmington, NC
  • Semi-Finalist
    • Lexi Denning
    • Sean Hession
    • Sahil Patel
  • Commended
    • Tabitha Lac

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