February 2, 2019

I’m Not Getting Any Financial Aid, Right?

Don’t ask your friends how to get Financial Aid

I hear some crazy questions about getting money for college. You may be the parent that asks all of your friends these questions and then gets multiple, conflicting answers that leave you confused. I thought this would be a great chance to set the record straight.

     You don’t need to ask your friends, and your students don’t need to ask the kid who is bragging about how much they know about college admissions, despite never having gone to college. If you didn’t know this already, kids don’t always tell the ‘complete’ truth.

     In addition, if you’re tense about what colleges that your kid should visit, if you question if your kid can even get into college, or if he will even be able to get a job after college: chill…I’ve got the answers for you!


Can I get Financial Aid?

     If you have a high schooler and you’re getting a sour stomach because you are worried about not being able to afford college, and you’ve overheard your friends referring to kids getting “huge scholarships” or “full rides” but don’t think your kid will ever get any money…then you need to talk to an expert about this stuff!

Are you asking these questions about the dreaded “Financial Aid”?

  • How do the colleges know how much I can pay (the little understood EFC)?
  • Do I have to apply every year for financial aid?
  • I earn six figures. I’m not going to get any help, right?  (Or will I…?)
  • Does my retirement savings hurt my chances of getting Financial Aid?
  • I heard that because I own a home, I won’t get anything, right?
  • Well, I heard that my house doesn’t count against me, so which is it?
  • What are good clubs for my kid to join to “look good for college?”
  • Does my kid have to take AP classes to get into college?
  • My kid has great grades and tests. He can go to any college he wants, right?

      Uh…yeah. I hate to break it to you – you may need to do a little more research.

But hey, don’t sweat it – we got you covered! Contact Class 101 in Central Indiana, so that we can help you understand how to win the Financial Aid & College game.

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