March 27, 2019

Get into your Dream School

Photo by @Matthew_T_Rader on Unsplash

Do you ever wonder why some kids get admitted into their dream school, and other students with similar grades and similar test scores don’t? There are several factors that are important to getting into college: GPA, SAT or ACT score, rigor of your high school curriculum, letters of recommendation and involvement. Photo by @Matthew_T_Rader on UnsplashThese are all well known for having an impact on admissions, but there is one factor that is never discussed, yet it is in the top 5 reasons students are admitted: demonstrated interest.

What Is Demonstrated Interest?

Students must “demonstrate” to the admissions department that if they are admitted, then they will attend the college. It seems simple, right? But, students don’t take the time to make this happen.

There are several ways to demonstrate interest. One easy one is to sign up for an official campus tour and admissions presentation during your Junior year. Visiting the campus is so important for students to know if they can make the school their home for four years. Many families don’t want to commit to the time of the campus tour and admissions presentation, and instead just walk around the campus. While it may help you get a feel for the campus, if admissions doesn’t know that you are there, then you will not improve your demonstrated interest score.

Ways to improve

Here are several ways to improve your chances of being admitted through demonstrated interest:

  • Call and/or email your admissions advisor several times throughout your Junior and Senior year
  • Attend over-night events on campus
  • Return for follow-up visits to campus
  • Schedule to meet professors in your chosen department

Any contact with the admissions department will improve your chance to go to your dream school.

If you need help getting into your “Dream College” set up a free consultation with Class 101.

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