July 11, 2022

Summer activities to boost your college applications

Summer is time for fun and sun but the smartest students also utilize the time to add meaningful experiences to their college resumes. With two whole months without high school classes and a break from extracurriculars, summer is a prime time to gain stand-out work experiences, impactful volunteer work, student research programs, and more! Students often ask questions like, “how many volunteer hours do I need for college applications?” and “should I take college courses this summer?” While the answers are unique for each student and their collegiate goals, we tackle these questions and offer some tips on maximizing your summer in our newest video below.

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Work on your college resume

While we always recommend enjoying summer and having fun, it’s important to strike a balance and not waste the opportunity to gain new skills and insights into what you may want to do in the future.

One overlooked but valuable summer activity is summer camp. But keep in mind, not all summer camps are equally as impactful or beneficial on your college application. We recommend choosing a camp that is focused on a field you are considering studying in college. Engineering camp or coding camp, anyone? These focused camps are a great way to know if you want to pursue that area of study in the future and also help you build knowledge and potential contacts at colleges. We find that many students can use their camp experiences as subject matter for writing college essays. Win-win!

Looking for other summer activities to build your college resume this summer? Here are a
few ideas:
● Take a college class
● Volunteer in your community
● Secure an internship
● Participate in a pre-college program
● Prep for the SAT or ACT
● Work a summer job
● Complete a certification
● Job shadow
● Start a non-profit or business

How many volunteer hours do I need?

One of our most popular questions, the truth is that the answer varies depending on your goals. On average, colleges are looking for a minimum of 40 hours per year. That means a total of 160 hours throughout your high school career. Where you volunteer isn’t as important as putting in the hours. With so many opportunities in every community, we find that students don’t have trouble finding these hours.

Should I take college classes?

Taking a college class at a nearby college is a great way to spend some of your summer hours for multiple reasons. Doing well in a college course shows colleges that you are academically prepared and are a good bet for them. If you can complete a summer college course, you will likely perform well at their school.

College courses are also a great way to study a subject that you’re considering for college. Sampling a course over the summer could offer insight into whether or not you’d like to pursue that subject as a major and give you a headstart on freshman year. Class 101 can help!

Our Class 101’s experts in Brandon, FL are currently helping students secure stand-out summer activities and make the most of summer through our Summer Jumpstart program. Contact us today to learn more!

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