February 2, 2024

Junior Year College Planning: Your Roadmap to Stress-Free Applications

Junior year is one of the most important times in preparing for the college application and scholarship process. As the countdown to senior year begins, strategic planning can transform the looming college application process into a stress-free experience. If you’re reading this in January, you’re just six months away from when college applications become available in early fall.

During these next six months, we recommend preparing by taking a number of steps now that will ultimately make applying for college easier and less stressful. Let’s explore how to set the stage for a seamless application process and scholarship pursuit.

Super Junior Program: 7 Essential Steps

Each year we lead a Super Junior program with our students with 7 important and actionable items for Juniors. We help them complete these steps within 90 days:
● Create a top ten list of colleges and universities
● Complete three college visits (either virtual or in-person)
● Take the DISC assessment & review report
● Establish baseline ACT/SAT score
● Document the top ten trends from a baseline score
● Create a resume with all activities listed
● Have a parent meeting to review all items on your checklist

Completing these steps during Junior year helps students to feel more confident and ready to approach application season. We find that it also helps parents feel better by having a plan and knowing they will not need to hound their child during the summer.

Additional Considerations for Juniors

At Class 101 we help our Juniors work through much more than the Super Junior checklist. The checklist is a foundation, but we know that the most successful students have more to do to optimize their chances for competitive admission and scholarships. When making your own Junior checklist, don’t forget the following:

● Academic Planning + GPA Maintenance: Do you know the requirement for direct admission to your first choice college or special academic program? Are you taking the courses needed to receive the type of high school diploma you are aiming for?

● Standardized Testing: Standardized test scores still matter in the admissions process and in scholarship applications. Are you signed up for a test prep course that will help you achieve your best possible score? Have you signed up to take more than one test?

● Extracurricular Activities: Are you taking on a leadership role in one of your extracurricular activities?

● Building Relationships: In the fall, you will most likely need to ask a teacher or mentor for a letter of recommendation. This is a good time to make a list of potential people you could ask.

● Financial Planning: Have you had a family conversation about college costs and a budget? Have you explored financial aid options?

With advanced planning and preparation, Juniors can confidently approach the college application season. At Class 101, our experts specialize in guiding students through this game-changing journey, eliminating stress and uncertainty. Remember, the college application process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Good luck, Juniors!

Written by: Alyssa Stegemoller

Prepare for a successful and stress-free college application process with Class 101.

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