Digital SAT Prep Course


Improve opportunities for college admission and increase chances of merit-based scholarships to make college more affordable!

ALL SATs will use a digital format beginning in 2024. No more paper and pencil tests!

GOOD NEWS: Shorter test that allows calculators throughout the entire math section

HARD NEWS: The test gets harder as you go (aka adaptive testing).

Make sure your student is prepared for the changes.

During each session, students will:

  • Become familiar with the new digital format and resources
  • Identify areas of improvement
  • Master Digital SAT topics with targeted instruction
  • Learn test-taking tips and strategies to increase overall score
  • Structure study with a clear accountability plan
  • Gain confidence with multiple timed practice tests

The course includes live instruction by an expert, a study guide, online portal access with short videos, and individualized lessons catered to each student’s needs. 

This Digital SAT Prep Course targets the test offered by The College Board on August 24, 2024.

Classes will be held at Class 101 Colorado Springs on Sundays from 3 – 5 pm. Homework will be assigned between sessions.

Tentative Schedule:

  • July 21: Format / Reading
  • July 28: Writing
  • Aug 4: Math I
  • Aug 11: Math II
  • Aug 18: Review / Practice Test
  • Aug 24: OFFICIAL SAT (register at collegeboard.org)

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