August 15, 2021

Rising Senior Week


Now is the time for rising seniors to begin solidifying their college plans for 2022.

On August 1, the majority of colleges and universities across the country open their application window. Applications usually include essay prompts, supplemental questions, and more. This information is easily accessed through Common Application, a free portal that aggregates information from nearly 900 colleges and universities nationwide.

Did you hear that, mom and dad? That means you can help your senior start applying to college NOW!

Take a deep breath, because Class 101 has you covered. We’ve put together a weeks’ worth of college prep programming—all for free—for incoming seniors to make the most of this crucial planning window.

Available seminars and workshops at Class 101’s locations might include:

  • Common App WorkshopRising high school seniors are invited to join a workshop to learn the tips and tricks of this 1-app-for-900-schools. Workshops will take place on 8/1 and 8/2.
  • Parent Webinar: College Planning Consultation: Between meeting application deadlines, visiting schools, and securing scholarships, planning for college is a complex, multi-year process. We’re here to help your student find—and afford—the right college. Call to schedule.

Early application deadlines for some schools come as early as November 1, making the fall window a crucial time for students to get a jump start on college prep in the days and weeks before the academic year ramps up.

Find a location near you to find out more about their rising senior week!

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Start planning for college today!