November 14, 2022

Gifting Greatness

What do you get that student that has everything? How about their future?

It’s the holiday season and finding the perfect gift for that special high school student in
your life can be difficult, but we can help! Give a gift that will last, beyond this holiday

Applying for college can be stressful, and we offer a comprehensive roadmap for our
students to help connect all of the dots. Our one-on-one approach helps students find
the best schools, at the best price, which helps them achieve greatness.

So what exactly is included in Class 101 college planning?

Our Platform
We track everything through our digital platform. From college reports to practice tests
to parent updates, our platform stores everything in one place making it easy for you to
follow along and have real time updates.

Our Meetings
It’s simple, we work around your schedule and meet one-on-one when it is convenient
for you. In between meetings, every student will have an electronic list of items to
complete with deadlines.

Our Network
Class 101 has over 100 college planners in over 50 locations across the United States.
Within our national network, you’ll have access to college representatives, college
planning webinars, admissions events, and other valuable resources to tap into.

Our entire process is meant to help our students find the right school at a price your
family can afford. We work together to help students:
➔ Find the best schools
➔ Stay ahead of the application process
➔ Increase test scores
➔ Become a competitive applicant
➔ Reduce the cost of college
So as you finalize your gift list for that special high school student in your life, think
about gifting greatness with college planning. This gift will last a lifetime. Please contact Class 101 Irving today, (972)738-8505.

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Start planning for college today!