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At Class 101, Memphis, TN, we help students and families navigate the college planning process. The end result? Students get into a great college at a price your family can afford.

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ACT Test Prep

Good test scores and good grades put students in a position to get more merit-based scholarships.

Build your college list & resume

Too often students wait until late in their junior year to talk about majors or make a list of colleges. There’s a lot to do, but it does not have to feel overwhelming. Class 101 students get to work early, defining their interests with our DISC and career exploration activities, building a large list of schools based on their goals, and developing a resume that reflects their individual activities and strengths

Super Junior Program

1. What is a Super Junior? An eleventh grader who wants to get a head start on college
planning. By completing our fast-track Super Junior program, students start the planning
process when it matters the most: during the application pre-season. That way, when
application season rolls around on August 1st of their senior year, they are well ahead of
their peers.

1. Why is this program needed? Junior year is the most crucial time for students to take
ownership of their grades, sharpen important skills, and begin the college admissions
process. All of this is time consuming and overwhelming, from prepping for standardized
tests to finalizing resumes. The Super Junior program alleviates the stress of college
planning by helping students achieve their goals before senior year.

1. How does it work? All Super Juniors will complete a “Super Junior Checklist” specifically
designed to help them put their best foot forward. Here’s a look at the 7 things they will
accomplish in 90 days:

● Create a top ten list of colleges and universities
● Complete three college visits (either virtual or in-person)
● Take DISC assessment & review report
● Establish baseline ACT/SAT score
● Document top ten trends from baseline score
● Create a resume with all activities listed
● Have a parent meeting to review all items on your checklist

1. What’s in it for them?
Not only will they get ahead for application season, but all students who complete the
program will earn an official Super Junior certificate. This recognition is just one more way
to help your student stand out on their resume and college applications.

Prepping for college on your own? That’s the old school way.

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Prepping for college on your own? That’s the old school way.

Let Class 101 take the guesswork out of college planning! Request your college planning checklist today.

Our Families Say it Best

Class 101 has been a tremendous ally for our family as my oldest son (currently a high school junior) is in the full swing of his college search, taking the ACT, and looking for scholarships. John and Joyce have been super supportive and have challenged Joshua to think bigger. I’m confident that Joshua will be fully prepared thanks to the Class 101 team.

Steve Phipps - Class of 2023 Father

When talking about a college major, my son would shrug his shoulders and say, “I don’t know.”

My anxiety evaporated when I realized that Class 101 would be a partner helping me to navigate this journey to college.

As my son’s freshmen year concludes, his comments are now, “Oh, I can add that to my résumé.” “Yes, I would like to see the engineering program at Mississippi.” These words are the guidance results from Class 101. College is no longer this bewildering black hole. My son is more confident as Class 101 helps him articulate his interests into a major at possible colleges and potential careers while not bankrupting our pocketbook.

John Charbonnet excels as my son’s Class 101 guide and mentor. His patience and wisdom are unparalleled. I can’t wait for year 2 with Class 101.

Class of 2023

Class of 2024

Nancy C - Parent of two Class 101 students

From the moment I worked with Mr. Charbonnet, I instantly knew that we had great chemistry, and I truly believe that the college application process was considerably easier with his help. Whether it was working on essays, researching colleges, or applying for scholarships, Mr. Charbonnet and I always worked as a team, and his invaluable advice ultimately helped me get accepted to my target university. As Mr. Charbonnet always said, “Job’s not finished,” which means that no matter what goals you’ve accomplished, there’s always something to grind and work towards. I cannot thank Mr. Charbonnet and the Class 101 team enough at the end of this amazing journey.

Class 101 Student - AP, Class of 2021

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Student-tested. Parent-approved.