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To help our students to prepare for their college applications, we provide them with SAT and ACT review courses. We analyze the test results (either original or generated in books or in our office) in order to give students immediate feedback about the type of questions they miss most often. We then teach the needed concepts, along with strategic tips, through handouts, practice questions, mini quizzes, web-support, and individualized lessons.

We also help other students who are interested in just this part of our college planning. They can either join our classes, or sign up for individual tutoring.

ACT / 4-week course $499 / 8-week course $699

Class 101's ACT prep course is designed to teach students both the content and the strategies they need to score their best on the test. We identify the types of mistakes students are making and customize their homework to focus on correcting those mistakes, giving them the best chance possible to improve their score. By using a blend of in class and online work, students have the ability to work on their skills 24/7.

We offer classes prior to most of the national test dates as well as the state test given in public high schools. Check out our calendar for upcoming class dates.

SAT / 4-week course $499 / 8-week course $699

Since Tennessee is primarily an ACT state, we offer SAT courses only on an as-needed basis. If you're interested in an SAT course, please contact us for more details.


Colleen Herberlein

Colleen earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Notre Dame and an M.S. in Secondary Education from Johns Hopkins University. She has six years of high school math teaching experience here in Memphis' Shelby County Schools. Her tutoring experience began with volunteering at a local elementary school in college and has continued to tutor all math subjects up to Pre-Calculus in Memphis. Colleen believes in emphasizing a full understanding of the mathematical concepts that underlie problems because only then can students continue to be successful as they progress through middle and high school math. She also firmly believes that there is no such thing as a "math person" - all students can understand and conquer math! Colleen's tutoring students tend to improve by two or more letter grades over the course of a semester. In her free time, she enjoys reading and traveling.

Montana Young

Montana earned a B.A. in History and Philosophy from the College of William and Mary and an M.S. in Secondary Education from Johns Hopkins University. She has six years of high school teaching experience in Shelby County Schools; primarily, she has taught ACT prep, but she has also taught courses such as environmental science, computer literacy, and honors US history. Montana enjoys tutoring because the one-on-one and small group attention allows for a more individualized experience. She has been tutoring ACT prep for several years and believes that all students are capable of increasing their ACT score, regardless of their starting point. Her students regularly see 3 points or more of composite ACT improvement. When she is not teaching or tutoring, she enjoys reading, traveling, and playing with her rescue dog, Papoose.


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