New to admissions in 2020 Self-reported academic records

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After our seniors hit submit on college applications, we remind them to check email daily for messages from their colleges/universities. They should interact with the links and information in those emails. Some colleges will provide login information for application dashboards. Some will request a self-reported transcript (SRAR). This is NEW for most of our students in 2020. […]

Students Reveal Their Biggest Fears about College

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Many — if not most — high school students start thinking about college earlier every year. At least it seems that way. Regardless of when a high schooler starts to ponder college, the thought of something so different can spark uncertainties, which can lead to anxiety and, ultimately, to fears. Fear of the unknown is […]

28 College Interview Questions That Teens Need to Prepare Answers For

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by Roger Martin | September 18, 2020 As a former college president, I think the college interview is important part of the college admissions and application process and, if I had some kind of mythical authority, I would require all schools to do them. My reason? The interview puts a human face on all the data admissions officers mull […]

When School Is Online: How to Help Your Teen do Their Best Work

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by Lisa Endlich Heffernan | July 25, 2020 The abrupt change from the classroom to the virtual classroom last spring was hard on everyone. Students were unprepared to learn online and teachers had no time to ready their lessons for this format. But we’ve all had three months to prepare for online learning classrooms arriving this fall […]

6 Common College Admissions Myths

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Get a feel for how much grades, tests and your resume really matter from those who review the applications. By Stacey Colino,  Sept. 15, 2020   Keep in mind that different colleges place varying levels of importance on standardized tests. WHEN APPLYING TO college, many students think they know which strategies will help them attract the attention […]

How Colleges Choose Which Students to Admit

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Test scores don’t drive college admissions decisions; it’s the more qualitative factors that help schools round out a class, experts say. By Lindsay Cates   In March 2019, federal prosecutors uncovered a criminal conspiracy to influence admissions at eight universities, including the University of Southern California, Yale University, Georgetown University and Stanford University. Thirty-three parents had […]

Course Selection: Why Your High School Class Decisions are Important

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  By Karen Miller on September 14, 2020 For many high schools, course selection for the next school year begins as early as January. So, the fall is often a good time to contemplate your next steps. While electives and core classes may vary from school to school, there are a few good rules to follow in order […]

FAFSA Season Opens On October 1: Are You Ready

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Looking for ways to lower the cost of college, but not sure where to begin? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the first step in the financial aid process, and the window to apply is fast approaching. Here’s what you need to know to make completing the FAFSA as simple as possible. […]

Freshmen uncertain about enrolling in fall classes, survey finds

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Jeremy Bauer-Wolf@jbeowulf PUBLISHED Aug. 11, 2020 Dive Brief: Forty percent of incoming freshmen say it is unlikely they’ll attend college in the fall, according to a survey conducted last month of more than 1,800 college students, split evenly between incoming freshmen and returning students. SimpsonScarborough conducted similar surveys in March and April, and at the time, a smaller share […]

NACAC Launches Inaugural Season of Virtual College Fairs

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Registration for this free event is now open at Virtual College Fairs for students will be held on Sept. 13, Oct. 12, Oct. 18, and Nov. 8. “Students this fall will be looking for new ways to explore colleges, and the NACAC Virtual College Fairs are a great place to start. Along with […]