Steve Phipps - Class of 2023 Father

Class 101 has been a tremendous ally for our family as my oldest son (currently a high school junior) is in the full swing of his college search, taking the ACT, and looking for scholarships. John and Joyce have been super supportive and have challenged Joshua to think bigger. I’m confident that Joshua will be fully prepared thanks to the Class 101 team.

Nancy C - Parent of two Class 101 students

When talking about a college major, my son would shrug his shoulders and say, “I don’t know.”

My anxiety evaporated when I realized that Class 101 would be a partner helping me to navigate this journey to college.

As my son’s freshmen year concludes, his comments are now, “Oh, I can add that to my résumé.” “Yes, I would like to see the engineering program at Mississippi.” These words are the guidance results from Class 101. College is no longer this bewildering black hole. My son is more confident as Class 101 helps him articulate his interests into a major at possible colleges and potential careers while not bankrupting our pocketbook.

John Charbonnet excels as my son’s Class 101 guide and mentor. His patience and wisdom are unparalleled. I can’t wait for year 2 with Class 101.

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Class 101 Student - AP, Class of 2021

From the moment I worked with Mr. Charbonnet, I instantly knew that we had great chemistry, and I truly believe that the college application process was considerably easier with his help. Whether it was working on essays, researching colleges, or applying for scholarships, Mr. Charbonnet and I always worked as a team, and his invaluable advice ultimately helped me get accepted to my target university. As Mr. Charbonnet always said, “Job’s not finished,” which means that no matter what goals you’ve accomplished, there’s always something to grind and work towards. I cannot thank Mr. Charbonnet and the Class 101 team enough at the end of this amazing journey.

Mark - Class 101 Class of 2019

I would recommend all parents enroll their children in Class 101,

especially those who are at a financial disadvantage when it comes

to paying for college tuition. Class 101 isn’t about a parent paying

someone to find a college and get them enrolled; it’s a motivator

and an educator. Without Class 101 and the Charbonnets, I wouldn’t

have known how to raise my ACT and SAT scores the way I did,

the best way to write a college admissions essay, or where to find

scholarships that fit my needs. They provide many other high-quality

programs. I feel a parent would be putting their child at a disadvantage by passing up this opportunity.



Just a few responses from our quick 2021 survey

Class 101 asked parents the following questions?


Why did you choose to do business with Class 101?

1.At the initial presentation, I was motivated by the upside I saw.

2.We felt that the investment would be earned back in improved ACT scores and scholarship dollars.

3.Several reasons:

It was clear to me that John and Joyce were honest, genuine, hard-working folks.

They had three kids in the high school/college range and therefore had experience in navigating the transition to college.

They seemed to know the “teen” language and were an easy fit. Our daughter needed the “third party” advising.”


How would you describe your experience with Class 101?

1.Spectacular. Best investment I ever made.

2.Excellent! Having our sons be responsible for answering to another adult besides us teaches accountability and gains RESULTS!!!

3.Central Nervous System-saving.


Did Class 101 make the college planning process better? If yes, how?

1.Yes. It saved me time, heartache, and even money once the scholarships started rolling in.

2.The whole process was offloaded to the Charbonnets, but they kept me in the loop. “

3.Three words: “DO THIS NEXT…”

Absolutely. They have such excellent data at any given point in the process. Their step-by-step meetings were the best way to tackle the process.


What do we do with you that you value the most?

1.Class 101 provides a valuable service that gives peace of mind at a time that is particularly difficult and stressful for parents and children.

2.Hold our kids accountable

3.Serve as the primary communicator for us. We could funnel information to them that might be neglected or not taken seriously otherwise.


How would you describe our company services to someone else if they asked you?

1.A personalized, performance-enhancing program that will shift your child’s career path into the next gear, no matter where they are today.

2.College 101 takes the guesswork out of navigating the college planning process.

  1. The truth is that this type of service is not right for everyone, but I would say that John and Joyce are parents, too, and they are more than practiced at understanding that every child has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. They then take a family through the process of maximizing a child’s potential while making sure the family is very comfortable with the right college fit. “


How would you rank Class 101’s service from 1-10 (1 = not as all, 10 = definitely yes?

  1. 10
  2. 10
  3. 10


Is there anything that would have made your experience even better?

1.It could have been free. But that may be an unreasonable expectation on my part

  1. Is there any component of your service that “follows” our students into college?

3.I just can’t think of a thing. I know it would be helpful to point out a flaw, but we can find none.


Anything else you would like to share?

1, I wish I’d known of this program when my oldest child was in high school.

  1. Just that, we are extremely grateful for you and your concern for our students.
  2. I would recommend John and Joyce Charbonnet’s Class 101 in Memphis to anyone and will always be happy to help with any testimonial if asked.”

Jenny V.

John and Joyce were able to point my son and me in the right direction on his first ACT prep. The tutors they employ are spectacular!

Chuck W.

Joyce and John helped my daughter recognize specific areas for improvement then set her up with extra work in those areas. Their teachers/tutors are very good, too. My daughter’s composite ACT score went up 4 points.

Haden K.

Class 101 was the perfect environment for our son. John and Joyce went above and beyond to make sure he was prepared. His composite score went up a total of 5 points after completing a 4-week session and taking the calculator review. The bump in his score equaled more scholarship money and we couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend you check them out!

Jon R. - Class 101 Parent

Partnering with Class 101 is unquestionably one of the best decisions I ever made. First, they carefully analyze your child and develop a strategy unique to their personality. Then they follow through by reinforcing soft spots in a student’s academic skill set while enhancing the areas that are already capable. Additionally, they liberate the parent from the arduous tasks of applying for college admissions and scholarships.

I watched them scour the academic landscape, turning up institutions and financial opportunities I would never have found on my own. The short-term results are astounding. My daughter is a junior, and her ACT score has gone up six points in six months. John and Joyce care about your child, and they’re great allies for parents who need an assist. Kudos to the Charbonnets and Class 101.