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Say hello to college planning made simple.

At Class 101, Mobile, AL, we help students and families navigate the college planning process. The end result? Students get into a great college at a price your family can afford.


101 Scholarship

How have you used your talents to make a difference in your community? Tell us!

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ACT Prep

Class of 2025, it’s your time to focus on ACT prep. Our spring classes are underway. Contact us today to find out how you can work on your top 10 trends and see an increase in your test score!

High School Prep 101

Empower your middle schooler for high school success! Our tailored course imparts
essential life skills and knowledge, from time management to goal-setting. Join us on the journey to personal growth and academic excellence. Enroll now and set the stage for a successful high school experience.

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1555 S. University Blvd., Mobile, AL 36609

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Prepping for college on your own? That’s the old school way.

Let Class 101 take the guesswork out of college planning! Download your college planning checklist today.

Our Mobile Students Say It Best

My journey with Class 101 coincided with the beginning of my college application season. Between the ACT, college essays, scholarship and applications, the entire process can feel very overwhelming. When I first walked into the office, I was so confused on all things college planning and had no idea where to begin. However, Dr. Tracey and the entire Class 101 team made me feel so secure and confident throughout the entire process. They helped to answer any and every question I had when it came to college planning and helped to make my college application and decision experience seamless. The entire Class 101 team is fantastic, as they are always so kind and supportive and truly concerned for their student’s best interests! I cannot recommend Class 101 enough and am so grateful to have had my Class 101 family with me along the way!


Nina P

University of Mississippi


My journey with Class 101 began with ACT prep classes and then evolved into full college planning services. When I started with Class 101, I knew that I wanted to go to college, but I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go or what I wanted to study. Trying to figure out how to navigate setting up college tours, applying to colleges, and applying for scholarships is overwhelming. But, Dr. Childs and her team guided and supported me throughout the entire process, making it much easier. They were there to help me stay organized and to answer questions that I had along the way. They were also there to celebrate with me for every college acceptance and scholarship offer! It was truly a great experience and I am going to miss my Class 101 family!

Kaylen F

Auburn University


I work with Dr. Tracey Childs, and she has been helping me explore colleges and careers. In addition, I have improved my speed reading for the ACT. I look forward to the next three years with her.

Emma C

Student-tested. Parent-approved.

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