ACT & SAT Classes / Norman, OK

To help our students to prepare for their college applications, we provide them with SAT and ACT review courses. We analyze the test results (either original or generated in books or in our office) in order to give students immediate feedback about the type of questions they miss most often. We then teach the needed concepts, along with strategic tips, through handouts, practice questions, mini quizzes, web-support and individualized lessons.

We also help other students who are interested in just this part of our college planning. They can either join our classes, or sign up for individual tutoring.

ACT Class / $599

Class 101's ACT prep course is designed to teach students both the content and the strategies they need to score their best on the test. We identify the types of mistakes students are making and customize their homework to focus on correcting those mistakes, giving them the best chance possible to improve their score. By using a blend of in class and online work, students have the ability to work on their skills 24/7.

We offer classes prior to most of the national test dates as well as the state test given in public high schools. Check out our calendar for upcoming class dates.

SAT Class / $599

Since Oklahoma is primarily an ACT state, we offer SAT courses only on an as-needed basis. If you're interested in an SAT course, please contact us for more details.





Class 101 - Norman Office

2212 Westpark Dr
Norman, Oklahoma 73069

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