When My parents first told me I would be doing class 101 at the end of my junior year I was a little hesitant because I thought it would be like summer school, and I thought my summer would be ruined. Fast forward a year and I am now graduating and have an almost full ride to college. Mrs. Swanigan has helped me tremendously this past year and I couldn’t be more thankful.
Thank you so much, Mrs. Ronda!


Ronda and her Class 101 team have done an incredible job with helping my son navigate his college search, significantly improve his SAT score, and strategizing ways to make him stand out from the crowd. She is very responsive and communicative and really cares about my son’s progress. She is truly working in her gifts. Total game changer! We’re signing my daughter up next!


Ronda and Class 101 extremely helped me through my application process. I started my application process very late, but the monthly meetings, and keeping me on track very much helped. She has helped me find scholarships, walked me thru the financial aid process, improved my essays, SAT Prep, etc. I also feel very confident in what to expect when I go off to college, making the transition so much easier. I highly recommend Ronda and Class 101!


Class 101 and Ronda were a big help in assisting my senior with the college admission process. They kept him organized and on top of all important deadlines. My son was accepted into EVERY school that he applied to and received MERIT Scholarship money for EVERY school. He received a combined total of $745,600 in Merit Scholarship money.as a school counselor, I am extremely familiar with the college admission process, however, if you are a parent of teens you know they oftentimes feel like their parents know NOTHING. (LOL). Ronda and her staff are relatable and have a connection with their students.
I love the fact that Class 101 will also check in with him and still be a resource for him as a freshman in college.