September 22, 2023

A Senior’s Review of Class 101

We have been fortunate to work with an exemplary student at our Class 101 Carmel, IN location. She is
hard working, ambitious, and leads by example. Lucky for us, she agreed to be an intern at Class 101 this
semester, and even luckier for us, she wrote a blog sharing about her experience going through the
college prep process with Class 101. We hope you’ll take a few minutes to read what this process is like
for our students, from one student’s perspective.
A huge thank you to Chase for sharing your journey with others!

Chase Chats Class 101

Dear Parents,

Whether your child is 5 or 15, college is an impending thought for many. The day will soon come where
they will have to pack their things in a suitcase and wheel their way into adulthood. College
applications and the various types of testing were completely different when parents were younger.
Just today, my English teacher was telling us how there was no Common Application and aspiring
collegiate students had to mail each individual application to their college of choice. It is often not
shared and well known the load of work that college applications take; I have been working on my
applications for months, and there’s still work to be done. The last thing you want your child to do is
reach the deadline month and be faced with a blank screen and 10+ colleges that they have not begun
applying to. Parents may become anxious because they don’t know where to begin. My good friend’s
parents did not efficiently navigate the collegiate process, making it stressful and overwhelming for the
entire family. These reasons alone are why I highly recommend Class 101 College Planning to my peers
and acquaintances.

I learned about this college prep class during my Sophomore year of high school, and I often wish I
started sooner; I’m constantly urging my sister, a freshman, to begin as soon as she can. When I began
this process, my parents and I had no clue how many opportunities for scholarships and assistance with
testing Class 101 could offer us. They have assisted with test prep for the ACT and SAT, allowing me to
improve my scores across the board with their various tips and efficiency. I have been introduced to a
multitude of community service activities through Class 101, as they are always searching for ways to
improve your child’s resume. Another realization I reached while starting applications was the amount
of essays I was facing aside from my main Common App essay. A college can have multiple
supplementals to learn more about a person and their different aspirations. While dread would have
overcome me looking at the neverending list of essays, Class 101 put my mind at ease. They offered their
help through editing and revising my essays, making me feel confident and at peace while applying.
My parents have had minimal stress since Class 101 has made it so simple and efficient. Overall, Class
101 has been a life changing program for me as I prepare for college. Like most teenagers my age, I
would still be procrastinating beginning my applications if it wasn’t for this college planning class.
Should you and your student be interested in Class101, use code CHASE100 for $100 off at the Carmel,
IN and Bloomington, IN locations and book a free consultation. I will continually advocate for this
program as a small token of my appreciation and gratitude towards Class 101 and my counselors.
Cheers and Happy Planning,

Authored by Chase Chappo, a student at Class 101 Carmel, Indiana. Chase’s original blog post can be
viewed here.

We’re here to help. To learn more and schedule a free consultation, reach out to us at one of our

Class 101 Brandon, FL | Class 101 Carmel, IN | Class 101 Bloomington, IN

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