October 30, 2023

The SAT is Going Digital

You may know that the SAT will go completely digital in March 2024. After all, the PSAT made the complete switch and ditched paper and pencils this fall of 2023. The SAT has undergone several changes throughout its history, but along with going digital, the College Board (the organization responsible for the SAT) is making several significant changes to the test. The changes are aimed at making the SAT a more relevant and fair assessment of a student’s preparedness for college.

Let’s take a look at a few of the changes students should expect to see with their SAT tests starting in March 2024.

Four Important SAT Changes
  1. New digital SAT format

The shift from paper and pencil to the digital format is one of the most significant changes in the new SAT. Students will take the SAT on a computer or tablet. One of the goals is to provide students with a more familiar and efficient testing experience. However, we anticipate some students needing help navigating the digital format. We recommend using online practice tools to fully prepare students for the change.

  1. Reduced Test Time

The new SAT is nearly an hour shorter than the previous version! At two hours and 14 minutes, the digital SAT takes less time than the old three-hour test, partly due to removing a content section. The new test will consist of two sections: Reading and Writing, and Math.

  1. Adaptive Testing

While the old SAT was on paper and could not change, the digital advantage of the new SAT is the use of adaptive testing. Adaptive testing generates an individualized test for each student. Based on how students answer test questions in the first module, the test will decide which questions to ask in the
next module of questions. Students will be able to jump back and forth between questions in the module, which is unlike most adaptive tests.

  1. Digital Score Reports

A considerable benefit of the new test is that tests will now be scored immediately and shared electronically with students. No more paper scores and no more waiting! The digital score reports will also offer additional features, such as interactive score summaries and personalized feedback, so students can better understand their performance.

  1. Shorter Reading Passages
    Students should prepare for smaller reading passages that include grammar and punctuation questions within each passage, as opposed to having separate questions for each.
Test Prep

It should come as no surprise that test prep is even more critical now with these changes to the SAT. We will be coaching all Class 101 students on strategies for maximizing their scores on the new SAT this spring, including practicing using digital tools to answer questions. We’d love to prepare your student, too!

Thanks for reading,
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Prepare for the new digital SAT with the help of Class 101. We know test prep. We help students develop strategies to maximize their test scores and qualify for competitive admission and scholarships. Students who took an

SAT Test Prep course with Class 101 saw an average increase of 170 points on the SAT from their baseline score. To schedule a free consultation, reach out to us at one of our locations:

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