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Amy Nixon


Amy Nixon is the owner of Class 101 Boise Meridian. A lifelong resident of Idaho, Amy brought Class 101 and its proven methods to the Boise and Meridian communities in 2017. Amy received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and an Master in Health Sciences from Boise State University. Her nursing career always focused on children as she worked as a Pediatric nurse, a Neonatal nurse and a school nurse. Amy made the decision to make a career change, but she knew that she still wanted to be a positive force in the lives of children and young people. Amy’s research led her to Class 101 where she realized that her philosophies aligned with theirs and that she could continue to make a difference for students and their families through college planning. Amy and her husband, Craig, are the parents of Julia and Cooper. Julia attends the University of Nevada, Las Vegas as a member of their Track and Field Team. Cooper is finishing his high school career and preparing to apply for college soon.


Alycia spent 12 years in public education at the elementary level before staying home full time with her five daughters. Education has always been important to her, and the opportunity to work for Class 101- facilitating prep classes for the SAT and ACT- was the perfect opportunity to get back into the classroom. She enjoys working with teenagers and feels encouraged by the work ethic, positive attitude, and caring nature of this generation of kids. Her favorite part of the job is helping kids recognize their own power over their lives. The nature of Class 101 gives them the opportunity to think for themselves, set goals, and plan for their futures. It’s an exciting process that Alycia loves being a part of. In her freetime, she loves being in the great outdoors of her home state, Idaho- running, hiking, gardening, and being with her family.

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The guidance I received from Amy and Class 101 is what made my transition from high school to college so smooth! The ACT prep courses really helped me achieve my target goal scores and boosted my confidence. I got the training I needed, both in 1:1 and classroom settings. Class 101 also kept me on track when it came time to submit all of my college applications. They helped me find the right scholarships, helped me edit my scholarship essays and even prepare for interviews. I wouldn’t have even looked at the school I attend now, if it hadn’t been for Amy at Class 101. Class 101 made the process of finding and applying to my dream schools much less overwhelming than it would have been on my own. Thanks, Amy and Class 101!


Class 101 was by far the most helpful resource I could have ever asked for in my college search. The program is excellently paced which helped alleviate a significant mount of stress surrounding the process. Everything felt extremely manageable and the transition to college could not have been smoother, even with a pandemic in the mix of things. From my perspective as a student, the application process oftentimes felt confusing and overwhelming. But being able to get excellent advice from an expert in the field helped me feel confident and excited about the next chapter in my life. I cannot stress how much I would recommend Class 101.



Using Class 101 for college counselling was one of the best decisions I made. My counsellor, Amy Nixon, helped me through the entire process, from choosing which colleges to apply to, to accepting and declining offers. There were times during this process, when I would get so stressed because a website was confusing, deadlines were approaching, or I just had too many questions on my mind, but knowing I had a meeting with Amy distressed me immediately. Every meeting we had, I would walk in stressed and overwhelmed, and walk out calm and relaxed. She always kept me on track with deadlines, and answered any questions I had, even outside of meetings. If she didn’t know the answer to a question, she researched until she could find an adequate answer for me. I can’t express how beneficial having Amy as my college counsellor was. I don’t think I would’ve made it through the college process if I hadn’t done it with her.


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