November 13, 2023

Juniors, it’s Game Time!

The national Class 101 network has launched the Super Junior program for the Class of 2025!  The “Super Junior Checklist” is specifically designed to help our students stay ahead of the stressful admissions schedule.  

  • * Create a top ten list of colleges and universities. 
    • Our juniors are refining their college lists while researching possible majors. To do this, we will pull four-year course plans at colleges and compare how the same major might look different from school to school. We also explore each student’s college fit factors. 
  • * Complete three college visits (either virtual or in-person)
    • We encourage our families to take advantage of on-campus opportunities whenever possible. We also will look at online open house events with juniors to encourage participation, particularly at schools that are located farther away. And we can help students prepare for visits by talking through their college “fit factors.”
  • * Establish baseline ACT/SAT score 
    • It is our recommendation that all juniors get a baseline ACT score BEFORE their in-school test in February/March. Some juniors have started ACT practice tests, others took a test in September or October. We will run practice ACTs on December 2, 2023 and January 6, 2024 for our students who do not have a baseline score yet. Remember that test optional policies do not eliminate the need for scores for select majors, and test scores can still improve a student’s chances for acceptance and merit scholarships at some schools. 
  • * Document top trends from baseline score 
    • Our goal is to put the best test prep plan in place for each student; these plans will look different based on each student’s goals. It starts with understanding the baseline and opportunities to increase the score. 
  • * Take a DISC assessment & review career interest inventories 
    • Students who work with Class 101 Dayton take the DISC, but they also engage in other career exploration through interest inventories and related self-reflection tools when needed. 
  • * Create a resume of all activities
    • We take time in college planning meetings to ask juniors to set goals for their junior year. This extends beyond academic goals to work, service, and student “separators.” Separators are projects, events, hobbies, etc. that could distinguish a student’s application from the usual list of high school activities. 
  • * Super Junior Parent Meeting 
    • The last part of the Super Junior Checklist is to have a parent meeting to review all items on the completed checklist. Parents are always welcome to attend their student’s meetings, and we look forward to connecting with our juniors’ parents this winter. 

The Super Junior program is specifically designed to ensure juniors get ahead before their application season even begins. Let’s go, Class of 2025! It’s game time!

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