Heather Almendares Class 101 Parent | Sam Almendares Class 101 Student

Amongst the most professional and caring teams!

The team at Class 101 Katy are among the most professional and caring team members I have every had the pleasure of working with. Michelle Dilday and Tejal Momtora seriously cares about my son’s progress especially during this time during COVID. They have gone above and beyond to make sure that we are on track with my son’s program and we are up to speed with all the latest and newest developments for college. My son is going into his Senior year of HS and it’s such a weird time and everything we imagined are completely different but Michelle is making it as smooth as possible for my son and me. I just can’t rave enough about the the team and I thank you again…you almost make me wish I had more kids…not really…but really 

Huong Tran

I highly recommend Class 101

Tejal, You are a skilled professional, flexible, friendly, fun, but your warmth, empathy, and balanced, patient coaching makes you invaluable. Thanks • for focusing on our daughter (not us) • for tailoring your approach to her needs • for keeping us informed. I highly recommend Class 101, Katy college planning services.

Mary Enzi Class 101 Parent | Renata Santiago Class101 Student

I appreciate the resources you made available to us

Tejal has been an invaluable help in the difficult process of transition from High School to University, not only is she a woman with extensive knowledge and experience in this area but a kind person, with absolute availability with which it is very easy to work. The contribution that Tejal has made during this time will have a great and very positive impact in the coming years.
Personally, I appreciate the resources you made available to us, your help, and guidance with all applications, essays, tutoring, and advice. Thanks a lot, Tejal – from Parent

Class101 has helped me improve my college exam

Tejal and the Class101 program has been of invaluable help to me. It eased the stress of navigating college applications and the process of making them clean and attractive. Additionally, Class 101 has helped me improve my college exam (SAT/ACT) scores. Tejal is incredibly helpful, kind, and supportive.- from Student.

Heather Schomburg- Class 101 Parent | Tyler Schomburg - Class 101 Student

Personalized approach highly recommend.

My son attended the Kaplan Review with friends and was disappointed so he asked me to take a more personalized course. I searched around and found Class 101.  We have been so pleased with the process.  The approach is personalized and tailored to his needs His score increased by 160 points after taking this course.  Highly recommend it. – from Parent

Class 101 was a great SAT service. All the tutors are experts in their subjects and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. They brought me from a 1300 all the way up to 1460.  I would highly recommend this program. – from Student.



Sunil Kumar Class 101 Parent | Rahul Sunil Class101 Student

Thank you so much for all your guidance, support & info.

We greatly appreciate Tejal and Katy Class101 for knowledge, advice, and keeping our son on track. As an international student not having gone through the US college admission process before, it was extremely helpful to understand the timelines, resume, essays, SATs, and college selections. Thank you so much for all your guidance, support & info.

The Obsta Family Class 101 Parent | Karlie Obsta Class 101 Student

Thanks Class 101!!!!!

Class 101 took the pressure off of me as a parent for helping our daughter through the college selection and application process. They helped with scholarship essays, tutoring, scheduling, application process and so much more. It was a true relief to have their team of experts helping us. They guided us through the process and gave us peace of mind that things were being done correctly and would not bounce back with missed items. We are so grateful for them and highly recommend them to any family with high school students who desire to go to college! Thanks Class 101!!!!! Keep up the good work and we will see you in a few years with our youngest!


Alfonzo Gravina Class 101 Parent | Veronica Gravina Class101 Student

My daughter started college this fall in the absolute best possible position

When we started college planning for my daughter, I received a reference from one of the friends as her daughter was getting help from Class101-Katy. Tejal prepared my daughter, Veronica, for testing, college applications, FAFSA, in fact, AtoZ that we may not have even thought that needed for her application. My daughter started college this fall in the absolute best possible position, thanks to Tejal’s exceptional advice. I highly recommend Tejal and Class 101. I discovered that it is never too early to begin college planning!