Drew Halloran

Kimberly Halloran, Parent
Shawn was instrumental in Drew’s college application process. She helped him find the best fit for his personality and academic goals. She set him on the right path to succeed!
She’s amazing!


Alyssa Kelley Inorio

University of Arizona

My experiences at Class 101 have all been outstanding! Shawn Coats, the owner of Class 101, has always gone above and beyond to help me succeed. Between help perfecting essays for scholarships to polishing my resume and CV, the advice and tips I’ve gotten from Class 101 have made my applications stand out amongst others. Shawn always has the end goals of her students in mind, and knows exactly how to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend Class 101 if you need help with scholarship and/or college applications, as well as any other general academic questions.


RJ Jennings

Brigham Young University

I highly recommend Class 101 Mesa Gilbert. Everyone there helped me so much. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without them.

Anna West

University of KansasMy experience was absolutely outstanding. I can’t recommend Class 101 enough.

My experience was absolutely outstanding. I can’t recommend Class 101 enough.

Andrew Ash

Colorado Mesa University

My older son just graduated from high school and Class 101 was a tremendous help with college planning, SAT/ACT prep, college and scholarship applications. Shawn also really helped Andrew explore some different college options and I know they had some really great conversations about college and what to expect in the future. We will definitely be enrolling our younger son, when it is time to do so

Brittani Rusnak

ASU's Nursing College

Shawn was so useful to me in getting to the college I could afford. Not only did her SAT class help raise my test score by 100 points, but she was so helpful when writing essays for scholarships. She worked so hard to create a document of what scholarships I should apply for, when the due dates were, and what was required of them. She then reviewed all essays and helped me if I ever needed any assistance submitting. She was so great that my family and I recommend her to everyone!


Ben Lemon

University of Arizona's Honors College

Class 101 is a great advantage to College applicants. We were able to take advantage of scholarships we not even aware of. Shawn takes a very active interest in all her students. She is available after hours and puts a lot of personal time and effort into seeing that her students achieve successful placements. She’s a pleasure to work with and I’d recommend class 101 to anyone who has a HS junior or senior looking at colleges. She has visited many of them and has contacts that can streamline the communication and application process.


Kaylee Kallas

Attending ASU

Class 101- Shawn Coats where do I begin, exceptional, fabulous are just two words that come to mind immediately. Class 101 helped not only my daughter every step of the way but Shawn was also there to answer my questions and to explain what we should expect next. Shawn helped my daughter to be successful in her college recruitment process. Due to Shawn’s guidance my daughter was accepted to five colleges, one of which was her top choice. Class 101 provided my daughter with information on available scholarships, my daughter was awarded four scholarships to help obtain her college dreams. A definite five star company. Highly recommend.