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Melissa Overcash

Owner College Advisor

Melissa is a co-owner and a college advisor at Class 101 Mid Cities. She graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Accounting from WGU. As a mother of six whose kids took all different paths, she has a wide range of experience to help students navigate their futures. Melissa also knows the importance of empowering students in decisions in order to feel confident about their college goals. She wants to serve families so they can enjoy the highlights of high school. In her free time she enjoys baking with her granddaughter and playing games at family dinners.

Mark Overcash

Owner College Advisor

Mark is a co-owner and college advisor at Class 101 Mid Cities. Mark has had many directions in his career. This includes over 20 years of work in the military, being VP of Operations and Marketing, and working as Director of Utilities at the City of Hurst. These positions have helped him gain unique experiences in leadership and guidance, which he hopes to do with students at Class 101. Mark is excited that Class 101 is a chance to pass onto students the passion and joy of opportunity for a future much brighter than they can imagine. In his free time he also likes to golf, draw, and spend quality time with his grandchildren.     --
Madison S

Madison Simoneaux

Test Prep/College Advisor

Madison is a college advisor at Class 101 Mid Cities. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Texas Tech University in Lubbock earning a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies specializing in Special Education. She has experience in helping students navigate their future and thrives on aiding others in identifying their self direction. Madison shares our Class 101 Mid Cities views about the importance of empowering students in decisions that assist them in being confident about their college goals. She wants to serve families so they can enjoy the highlights of high school. In her free time she enjoys traveling, being creative, flipping antique furniture and spending time with her husband and family.

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Our Students Say It Best

Despite joining the program my Senior year of High School, Class 101 has been resourceful and helpful in a variety of ways that have aided in my success going into college. I have a pretty big ego, so I thought I had everything figured out with regards to which college I wanted to go to, my resumé, and how I would prepare for that academic shift. Mark and Melissa Overcash showed me how wrong I was, and they provided a great number of improvements ranging from help on my ACT score, allowing for my resumé to showcase the best of me, assisting in admission essays, and opening my eyes to countless scholarship opportunities. Without that aid, my application process would have been far more difficult than was necessary, and for that I am forever grateful. I’m now an Engineering student at the University of Texas at Arlington and have my tuition costs greatly minimized due to the assistance I’ve received. If you’re so much as considering working with Class 101, I genuinely can not recommend it enough, even if you think you have it all figured out, because they are a phenomenal resource for anyone looking to go to college.


University of Texas at Arlington

Class 101 Mid-Cities is a lifesaver! I had no clue how overwhelming the college application process was until I started looking for my own son only to realize I was completely lost. Mark and Melissa gladly took on this burden and helped us every step of the way. From setting up college visits to SAT preparation that helped our son raise his test scores significantly. They worked closely with our family to formulate a plan that was meticulously executed and their communication along the way was impeccable. They removed the stress from the process and made it fun. My piece of advice is to start your student before their senior year!

Steve Bosley

University of North Texas

Because of Class 101… wow, I really don’t think I can put it into words. I’m headed to my dream school. I have a resume that I’m proud of. I got my ACT score up. I’ve experienced the impact that positive affirmation can have on an overscheduled and under slept teenager. I understand the research process to find a school that fits for me. I’m not going to fall into the never-ending pit of despair that is student debt. I’m ready for whatever happens next.

I truly am.

Taylor Galavotti

High Point U

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