April 5, 2024

Summer Power-up


Summer is almost here, which means it’s time for high school students to take their college planning to the next level! To make sure that students are ready to seize the opportunity and can find a school that will help them pursue their passion we’re launching a new part of our college-planning package:

Summer Power-Up

Students will ignite their path to college with dedicated support and guidance from our Class 101 advisors. Students receive one-on-one guidance from a college planning expert, access to personalized resources, and much more. 

Rising seniors can look forward to support with:

    • College Lists: Working with their advisor to develop a list of top ten colleges and universities that align with their interests and what they want from their college experience
    • Campus Visits: Learning how to make the most of college visits
    • Resume: Developing a resume that highlights their activities, honors, and work experience
    • Teacher Recommendations: Receiving guidance on requesting letters of recommendation
    • Test Prep: Discussing and implementing a plan for test preparation to improve their test-taking skills and
    • College Essay: Receiving detailed feedback on their college essays to showcase their unique personality
    • College Applications: Assisting with the application process and managing important deadlines

      But that’s not all!

      Rising freshman, sophomores and juniors can maximize their opportunities this summer and jumpstart their college planning by:

      • Year in Review: Reviewing the previous school year with their Class 101 college advisor to set higher goals
      • Setting Summer Goals: List of accomplishments to aim for over the summer break
      • College List: Creating or revisiting a list of top ten colleges and universities
      • Campus Visits: Guiding students on how to make the most of two college visits
      • Exploring Careers and Majors: Providing recommendations for summer activities such as camps, job shadowing, or networking with professionals in their field of interest and
      • Getting Involved: Finding at least one volunteer opportunity to enhance their resume

      This opportunity allows students to make the most of their summer, reducing stress during the school year. With fewer school-related responsibilities, students can focus on long-term goals and dedicate themselves to practice tests, research, and resume-building without sacrificing the fun of summer.

      Ready to elevate your college journey? This is just one of the benefits of being a Class 101 student. Don’t miss your chance to participate in our Summer Power up.

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