University of Missouri

Laurie has helped me succeed by implementing meetings to assist me with my college needs. I have attended multiple ACT workshops that have increased my score, and been assisted with writing essays by multiple people. Class 101 has prepared me to succeed at my chosen college, and improved my opportunities along the way. This is what I will continue to recommend to every incoming senior!!


Parent Testimonial

Class 101 was an essential part of our daughter’s success in college prep. Laurie was so beneficial in getting us prepared for all things college-ei., ACT prep, college tours, scholarships, and early action admission, these are just a few of the benefits of Class 101. Because of Laurie’s attention to detail and my daughter’s hard work she is going to her dream college! Thank you Laurie and Class 101 for making Avery’s dream a reality.



I’ve always had great experiences at the Class 101 in Southwest Mo! Laurie was always very helpful and made sure I reached my goals in a timely fashion. Without the help of Class 101, I would have been completely lost in the college planning process and I doubt I would have ended up at the school I will be attending in the fall.


Thank you Laurie for all the guidance and expertise in college prep for my daughters. I would highly recommend this service as it covers all the bases for college preparation. Laurie is so relatable and keeps things organized and manageable.


Evangel University

Laurie has been helping me with ACT prep, college applications, and scholarships for about 18 months now. Every time I show up I feel both welcome and secure about my college situation.


University of Missouri - Columbia

Laurie did a great job helping me with college planning. I would definitely recommend coming to Class 101 for help figuring out ACT, College applications and scholarships.


Oklahoma State University

As student to student, Class 101 is an excellent program for students AND PARENTS. I defenitley recommend this to anyone that wants to have a much less stressful junior year, and to do much better on the ACT exam, scholarships, and to be a much more ready for college than doing it all by yourself.


Florida Southern College

When it came time to begin my college applications I told my parents I was going to need some help.  Class 101 helped me the most with the overall organization of my college application process.  If you look at it as a whole it looks like a lot, but breaking it down into a couple of assignments per week makes it become much more manageable.  That is what makes Class 101 such a special thing.


University of Georgia

Class 101 helped us to know what the college planning process entailed.  They were so welcoming to us and opened their arms to us, making sure all of our worries were under control and once we started working together I felt a lot more confident about what I was submitting to my colleges.  I don’t know where I would be without Class 101.  They have helped me so much.


Class 101 has been so valuable to me.  The ACT prep classes helped me raise my score by 8 points and jumped several scholarship levels.  Laurie kept me on task and even worked with me on my timeline for applications so that I could get it done by the end of summer before my swim season started.  Having the help of Class 101 with my essay took it from good to great.  I’m happy to report that I’ve already been accepted to my top 3 choices!


Missouri S&T

Having Laurie there to help me remember college deadlines, giving me scholarships to apply for, and helping me be completely ready for college was absolutely amazing.  The ACT class that is included is also great and helped me raise my score a total of 8 points.  Without Class 101 I would have been clueless on much of the process but with their help, I have been able to earn enough money from scholarships to almost completely pay for my college tuition, room, and board!


Missouri State University

Being the oldest child in my family, my parents didn’t know where to start when it came to scholarship opportunities, financial aid, enrollment and deadlines.  After finding Class 101 a stressor was lifted off all of our shoulders.  The college enrollment process was easy and stress-free.  All deadlines were met, and Laurie was there to answer any questions that I had throughout the entire process.  I would definitely recommend Class 101 to anyone interested in going to college!


Parent Testimonial

We are so pleased with Laurie and her classes. I can’t imagine trying to navigate all the planning/ scheduling without her knowledge and assistance.


University of Arkansas

After going through the whole process I don’t know how I could have done it without you.  With your help, I always felt ahead of the process.   On top of that, you have always been so easy to talk to and I knew I could trust you.