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Developing A College List

The first, and most important service! A college planner starts their time with a student by researching the schools that they are interested in. They look at student’s individual factors including major, size, location, distance, and campus community. Finally, a personalized top-ten list is made.


Visiting Colleges

Pro-tip: Visit 10, apply to 7, and love 5. We recommend both virtual visits and organized campus visits because we believe students need the full college experience.


Improving Grades

We know that good grades and test scores put students in a better position for merit-based scholarships. We’re not tutors, but we support students by adding effective studying techniques, planning class schedules, and setting academic and GPA goals.


ACT / SAT / PSAT Test Prep

Practice makes Progress. We start test prep as early as freshman year. It’s all about knowing your baseline score, identifying trends, and taking the test more than a few times.


Upgrading Your Resume

Colleges are looking for leaders and a resume is a great way to highlight leadership qualities. We help students develop a Class 101 separator to distinguish themselves from other applicants.


Crafting College Essays

Oh, the dreaded college essay! We believe it’s the best opportunity for students to make themselves memorable. We host essay workshops in the summer before senior year to find a unique topic, craft essays, and write supplemental responses.


Managing Applications & Deadlines

August 1st is the beginning of application season every year! Most colleges have two deadlines: early and regular. When applying to colleges and scholarships, most students juggle between 10-15 deadlines. We help students stay ahead and ensure every critical deadline is met.


Exploring Scholarship Opportunities

There are two types of scholarships: merit-based and outside. Taking advantage of every scholarship and knowing what you need to get to the next level is how we help make college more affordable.


Pursuing Financial Aid (FAFSA)

College is expensive, but worth it. Looking to lower the cost of college? The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (or FAFSA) is the first step in the financial aid process. Pro-tip: 90% of parents fill out the FAFSA form incorrectly. We help guide parents through the financial aid process.


Transitioning to College

We guide students through a final checklist of those last but very important details, such as confirming or rejecting their admissions, paying the enrollment deposit, choosing housing, selecting a roommate, scheduling orientation, submitting final transcripts, and more.

Then we celebrate!

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