Jack Berens

Class 101 with Pamela has helped me be prepared and stay on track in the college planning process. Her one-on-one personal attention has ensured I stay focused on the important priorities. Pamela genuinely cares about my success and my future!


Audrianna Hackbarth

By working with Class 101, I had a lot more options and opportunities at the end of the college admissions and scholarship process. In addition, having Pamela coach me kept me on task and helped me navigate the complex process without procrastinating or missing a step.


Ellie McEvoy

Class 101 has really helped me think about the future and the potential opportunities I can consider. I’m already improving my ACT score and many more academic goals. I also really like that I have someone besides my parents to talk to about college and the future.


Katrina Duran

I have only been working with class 101 for a few months but I have already learned so much. When I started working with class 101 I had no idea what I wanted to go to school for but after working with Miss Pam I’ve not only learned so much about careers but I’ve also learned so much about myself. I’m so appreciative of everything that I’ve learned while working with Miss Pam.


Clare Duch

I started Class 101 in January, so a little bit later, but it’s been so good to work with Pamela and be able to get a college plan, start the steps toward college and especially focus on college applications. Before Class 101, I didn’t even know where to start. Since meeting with Pamela, she’s helped get me on the right track and put everything together