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About Me:
Hello, I'm Quinton Moody, the owner of Class 101-Chesapeake, VA. I have a passion for education and a desire to help kids find their future. As an Independent Education Consultant I work with middle and high school students helping them to navigate their interest. Whether they are considering joining the military, going to College, or attending a vocational school we can help students and families know all of their options. For the past 21 years, Class 101, as the national leader in college planning, has helped over 3,200 students earn over $1,117,613,877 in Merit Based Scholarships.
Common Questions:
      1. When should I start planning for college?
      2. What if my child's grades aren't that high?
      3. I know FAFSA but what else is there?
      4. Does it matter which college I attend?
      5. Should I really take the ACT or SAT?
      6. I don't make much yearly, can my child attend without gaining so much debt?
      7. What if college isn't for me?
Class 101 specializes in helping kids find their future and a way to pay for it.
My Why:
I'm a parent, like many others, who want the best start in life for our kids. Before I started my company, I worked a full-time job leaving little time to keep up with college policies and regulations or even potential careers available. I needed help, someone with the expertise and experience to help my kids gain focus, drive, and passion to be successful after high school. I searched and could not find the support for families and the flexibility to be available when I needed them. Not until, Class 101. Class 101 is structured to support families. We are a one-stop shop for helping kids succeed. I love the concept so much to give back and help families, I opened the only Class 101 in Virginia.
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