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Quinton Moody


Quinton is the owner of Class 101-Chesapeake, VA. Helping students and families navigate the complex steps leading to successful and affordable college admission is his passion. For the past 21 years, Class 101, as the national leader in college planning, has helped over 3,200 students earn over $254,015,000 in scholarships. Quinton’s passion for education has motivated him to earn his Associate’s Degree in Information Systems from Tidewater Community College, a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications from Capitol College, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Strayer University. Quinton was able to experience first-hand the importance of having a post-secondary education and its rising cost. Quinton is dedicated to working with students conducting one-on-one college planning focusing on academic improvements, resume/essay development, scholarship search, financial planning, and community service involvement

Teresina Moody

Teresina Moody has worked in the Telecommunication’s Industry for over 15 years. Teresina developed a systematic approach for identifying problems and implementing cost effective solutions. This zest for problem solving became apparent when she experienced first-hand the complex college admission process with her own daughter. Which college to choose? Which scholarships are available? What are the requirements needed for various programs? When are the various requirements due? Answering these questions became time intensive and often stressful. Much like work, Teresina saw a problem and developed a solution. Joining Class101 utilizing her problem-solving skills paired with the proven systems of Class101 allows her to provide a lifeline to other families struggling to balance the college admission process with the cost of higher education.

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Quinton Moody

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