By the time senior year ended, I wanted to have a nice relationship with my kid. I wanted to feel like we enjoyed his senior year with him, but he had to get the college planning completed. Dinners at home were much nicer for my son’s senior year for sure.


We had a daughter who recently graduated and we tried to do all the prep for college by ourselves and ended up with a lot of anxiety and stress. The idea of getting into Class 101 was to alleviate that stress. With our oldest child, without Class 101, we had a lot more friction because we were trying to do it all ourselves. With Todd Mitmesser at Class 101, it just made it a lot more smooth and it exceeded expectations from that perspective.



We would absolutely recommend Class 101 … I honestly did not know what to expect in this process. I think it was great for my daughter to narrow the list based on her interests, her learning style, whether she wanted a large school, a smaller school, schools that did have her major.



What I’m appreciating right now is the communication is really good. We are already starting conversations about schools, what schools we might apply to, how do we start thinking about preparing for applications, what kind of extracurricular activities we could start looking at, how we handle the essays…. Class 101 has helped us really understand not just the process, but the road that we are going to be on for the next year and a half.



My son is a lacrosse player and Class 101, specifically Todd, has been pretty instrumental in bringing clarity to how we want to go through the process of beginning to select schools to market ourselves to from an athletic perspective. My son has a pretty narrow selection opportunity because of the major he has chosen and so Todd has been instrumental in helping us identify the schools that he can potentially market himself to. We believe the further we get into the recruiting cycle, the more his advice and oversight will be even more instrumental.



I did not know what major I wanted to pursue going into Class 101. That was definitely a big issue for me. I just felt so behind … but Class 101 provided me with a ton of resources, including the DISC Profile, which put everything I was thinking in my head on paper. It showed me things that might suit me well and some other things that may not work for me; that definitely helped me pick what I wanted to study in college … I think Class 101 was a huge part of helping me find that.



Todd helps me by checking up on me every other week, making sure I’m doing what I need to do. He helps make sure my grades are on track to get into the college I want to get into. If I’m ever struggling with anything in high school, he’s there for me. He’s making it so I’m more prepared for the future and he’s making me realize my full potential.



I would definitely recommend Class 101 to a friend because they not only help you raise your test scores, but they help you to try and find the perfect college for you to go to and doing everything to help you get there. Compared to other people my age, I think I kind of have a head start on the college process



This whole process for me would be so different if I did not have Class 101 and Todd guiding me through it. Honestly, before I came to Class 101 and worked with Todd, I did not know much about the college process …. and had such limited knowledge. He really helped me explore my options and find schools that had my major, my minor, great study abroad, and everything that I wanted and hit all of my checks on my list so that I can have somewhere perfect that fits me.