February 1, 2024

Virtual Campus Tours

Snapshot from a virtual college tour on YouVisit

In the ever-evolving landscape of college admissions, the traditional on-site college tour, while important to college decision-making, is not always accessible to everyone. Whether it’s due to distance, time constraints, or unforeseen circumstances, the need for alternative ways to explore potential schools has given rise to a surge in virtual college tour options. Here are some innovative platforms and content that bring the college tour experience straight to your fingertips.


YouVisit is a comprehensive platform offering virtual campus tours for universities worldwide. Users can explore campuses interactively, navigating through key landmarks, academic buildings, and recreational spaces. The high quality and immersive 360-degree views allow prospective students to get a feel for the campus atmosphere. Additionally, some schools on YouVisit offer guided tours led by current students, providing valuable insights into campus life and answering questions in real-time. 

Here are a few of the many schools offering virtual tours through YouVist:

  • University of Texas at Austin (Texas)
  • Stanford University (California)
  • Duke University (North Carolina)


CampusReel takes a unique approach to virtual tours by featuring student-generated video content. Instead of professionally produced videos, you get an authentic student perspective on life at various colleges. After creating a free account, users can browse through a collection of videos covering different aspects of campus life, academics, and extracurricular activities. This platform offers a more personalized and dynamic way to explore colleges, allowing prospective students to hear directly from those who are currently experiencing it. In addition to virtual tours, CampusReel provides information on available scholarships as well.

Here are a few of the many schools offering virtual tours and additional content through CampusReel: 

  • Texas A&M University (Texas)
  • University of Florida (Florida)
  • University of Vermont (Vermont)

The College Tour

If you’re looking for your next binge-watch, check out The College Tour on Amazon Prime. In each episode of The College Tour, viewers delve into the authentic experiences that define life on college campuses nationwide and globally. Covering aspects such as academics, housing, sports, career readiness, campus life, and location, this series offers a comprehensive exploration of college life. Each narrative is shared firsthand by current students actively enrolled in the spotlighted college or university, providing genuine insights into the day-to-day realities of campus life and beyond. You can stream it on Amazon Prime or watch it online at https://www.thecollegetour.com


Virtual tours have become invaluable tools for college planning, enabling students to easily make informed decisions about their higher education journey. Whether you’re navigating schools in your own state or across the country, these platforms bring the campus tour to you, making the college search process more inclusive and convenient for all. 

As the trend continues to grow, more institutions are embracing technology to create engaging and accessible virtual experiences. With a virtual tour, you can check off “College Tours” on your college preparation checklist. Happy touring! 

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