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Kathy Jones

Owner | College Advisor | Education Consultant

Hi! My name is Kathy Jones, and I own Class 101-Cypress. I am a product of the Cypress Fairbanks School District and love the northwest Houston area. My husband and I have chosen to raise our two boys right here in Cypress! I earned my B.B.A. in Marketing from the University of Texas at Austin. After working in corporate America, I saw a chance to merge my business degree with my love for mentoring teenagers through Class 101. I view myself as a consultant, and I strive to help students identify their goals and take actionable steps to achieve those goals. I bring my commitment to excellence and desire to serve others to all my college planning students. I help students and families navigate the complex steps of college admissions and find the right fit school for THEM. Perhaps, we can even spark a bit of inspiration along the way. Email Kathy at [email protected].

James Jones

Owner | College Advisor | Education Consultant

Hi! My name is James Jones, and I own Class 101 Cypress in conjunction with my wife, Kathy Jones. I am a lifelong Houstonian and have lived in northwest Houston (Cypress) specifically since 2007. Both our sons (and Kathy herself) are products of the Cypress Fairbanks Independent School District. After starting at the University of Houston Honors College, I transferred and earned a B.A. in Economics from San Diego State University in 2005 and an M.B.A from Rice University in 2009. Though my background is in energy and finance, I have always had a deep appreciation for education’s importance and role in my life. I am also bilingual in Spanish! Getting the opportunity to work with my best friend and favorite person in the world (looking at you Kathy Jones) is an exciting and humbling journey. I want the next generation of young adults to benefit from the same experiences, life lessons, and general enrichment that accompanies higher education. By providing a warm (yet professional) environment and a never-ending pursuit of service, we strive to find the right fit school for each student while making the overall college process a little less stressful for families. Email James at [email protected].

Michelle Stanton

Director of Test Prep

Hi! My name is Michelle Stanton, and I consider it a great privilege to be the Director of Test Prep for Class 101 Cypress. I have taught SAT/ACT Test Prep at Class 101 Cypress since 2021. I am also a homeschool teacher and teach pre-algebra at a local private school. I was born and raised in Cypress, Texas, and am thankful to be raising my three kids in the same area I grew up in. After spending a year at Baylor University studying interior design, I transferred to Sam Houston State University, where I graduated with a B.S. in Psychology in 2012. As a test prep instructor, I love seeing students’ scores improve and watching them succeed through perseverance and hard work. My goal is to help students feel confident on test day and to provide them with targeted strategies for achieving their best possible scores.

Email Michelle at [email protected].

Jan Olsen Class 101 Cypress College Planner

Jan Olsen

College Advisor | Education Consultant

Hi! My name is Jan Olsen, and I am a college planner for Class 101 Cypress. I have lived in Cypress for eleven years, and the greater Houston area for the past nineteen. We have thoroughly enjoyed raising our family here. Our three children have attended schools in the Cypress Fairbanks School District. Our oldest two children are attending college out of state, with our youngest starting her junior year this fall. I earned a B.S. in Social Work and a M.S. in Counseling and School Psychology from Brigham Young University. I have worked in many capacities, including school psychologist, school counselor, school social worker, and CFISD Science Interventionist. I love working with students to help them meet their academic and life goals. I believe that with support, knowledge, and encouragement, students can make their dreams and aspirations a reality. At Class 101, we aim to help students and their families through the daunting process of college research, application, and admission.
Email Jan at [email protected].

Sabrina Shumsky

College Advisor | Education Consultant

Hi! My name is Sabrina Shumsky, and I’m a College Advisor at Class 101 Cypress. I was born and raised in the Buckeye state of Ohio. I earned my B.A. in Government, English, and Speech from Morehead State University and my J.D. from The Ohio State University College of Law. In 2000, my employer, Schlumberger, relocated my husband and me to Houston, and we chose to live in Cypress. My son was born here and is a true Texan at heart. We love this area and feel blessed with the best community, neighbors, friends, and schools! Though my background is in the energy and technology arenas, where I served as a human resource, employee relations, and compliance expert, I was also blessed to work with students as an aide in CFISD before joining Class 101 Cypress. I am inspired by the knowledge, passion, and smart approach Kathy and James bring to helping students and families navigate the stressful and often complex area of what is now college admissions and the application process. I am thrilled to be a part of this fantastic team and love to help students find and present the best version of themselves through a caring, consultative, and supportive approach. I very much look forward to working with you! Email Sabrina at [email protected].

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