Nell Palumbo

George Mason University

“I owe it to Class 101 for not having to go into debt for college! They helped me from my first step of discovering what schools I wanted to go to, to figuring out all the insider information on application dates and requirements, to editing my essay, to submitting my applications before anyone else! I cannot recommend them enough to everyone and anyone I meet about to take on the stressful process of applying to college.


Kaelan Asch

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

Class 101 has been extremely helpful in raising my ACT scores, filling out my applications, getting scholarships, and picking my perfect college. Everyone I worked with there was supportive and helpful when I was trying to reach my goals. Class 101 made the college process a whole lot simpler and enjoyable!


Keilah Anderson

Auburn University

Class 101 was a huge advantage in the college process. Mrs. Feamster opened my eyes to other schools I had not considered, and helped me contemplate where to apply. Through ACT test prep, I was able to raise my score 5 points, which gave me more scholarship money. With Mrs. Feamster’s guidance, I decided to go to Auburn University, and have absolutely loved it! My freshman year was incredible and I have Mrs. Feamster and the rest of Class 101 to thank!


Noah Feld

Centre College graduate

Class 101 demystified the college application process and made me confident about choosing Centre College. After getting to know the true me, Ms. Koehler suggested Centre and even had a current Centre student create a personalized video for me. She knew Centre would be a good fit for me because she was intuitive, a great listener, and patient, and she was 100% right. I will always be grateful to Class 101 and Ms. Koehler for leading me to Centre College.


Emma Minar

UT Knoxville

Class 101 and Ms. Karen have helped me so much through the college application process. I was guided in the right direction, toward my perfect school and was given support on everything from my essays to my resume. Class 101 also provided me with ACT prep and helped me raise my score by 6 points! I am so grateful for them and am always so excited to see my counselor, Ms. Karen. She has come to be one of my best mentors! I highly recommend Class 101 Franklin if you are seeking guidance for college preparation.


Hannah Minar

UT Knoxville

I am so thankful for my Class 101 experience. It was so helpful to have Ms. Karen help me every step of the way. She helped with everything–from raising my ACT score to  college applications. With the help of Class 101’s ACT prep course, I was able to raise my score 5 points, which helped tremendously when it came to earning scholarship money. I don’t think I could have made it through what can be such a stressful year without the help of all the Class 101 instructors.


Molly Smith

Davidson College

Class 101 not only helped me practice for the ACT, but also manage the daunting list of applications. Beth Koehler always made sure I had many college options I was excited about. She also helped immensely with financial planning.


Grace Owen

Case Western University

Class 101 really helped me stay organized and on top of things during the hectic college application process amidst a busy senior year. Most importantly, it introduced me to the school I now go to, and I have no idea if I would have found such a great fit without their help!


Anna Glenn

University of Georgia graduate

Class 101 helped me in so many distinct ways. It forced me to critically think about colleges in a different way, and ultimately helped me land my dream school. Through one-on-one sessions, ACT prep, and the guidance the Class 101 team offered, my college application process was much easier than my peers. But it didn’t stop with the acceptance letter. My advisor was right by my side as I applied for scholarships, honors colleges, and more! Thank you, Class 101 for everything—I couldn’t have done it without you.


Will McClellan

Washington University in St. Louis graduate

In high school, it was already difficult enough managing schoolwork and extracurriculars. Oftentimes, the college admission process seemed to fall to the wayside. Beth and the Class 101 team helped guide me through the college admissions process, making it as painless as possible. If not for them, I definitely would not be where I am today


Alexis Randolph

Washington University in St. Louis

My experience with Class 101 has been life changing! My college advisor Laura Brancheau

helped me to effectively communicate my story in my personal narrative essay for my college

applications. Moreover, I also learned some key organizational and time management skills that

allowed me to apply to over 15 universities and for multiple scholarships. Overall, Class 101 helped me to gain a scholarship to a Top 20 university, Washington University in St. Louis