Our Team

Tom Pabin

Franchise Owner

Tom is the founder and owner of Class 101. His career as a business owner and college/financial planner has spanned over two decades. In that time, he has helped students and families save millions of dollars on higher education. In Kentucky, Tom has worked with learners from over 70 high schools conducting financial aid workshops, on-on-one college planning, ACT/SAT prep classes, and facilitating visits to universities across the country. Working with students across 16 states and providing direct consultation with over 20 high schools, he’s helped more that 2,200 students find their way to college and significantly improved their scores on over 6,000 tests. In his spare time, Tom enjoys traveling and being involved with his sons’ basketball teams. He is husband to Christie and father of two boys, Matthew and Thomas.

Betsy Filchak

Franchise Owner

Betsy is co-owner of the Class 101 Lexington location as well as the Director of Operations for Class Corporate. Betsy comes to college planning after a full career in public education. She has mastered how to tap students’ potential with tailored tactics, thanks to her varied background. Her favorite part of her work is a tie between helping families realize the financial feasibility of college and the summer campus tour down South. Betsy lives in downtown Lexington. Her won children flew the nest for excellent college experiences and are the poster children for “do what you love”. Betsy’s favorite use of free weekends is trips to destinations such as Charleston, South Carolina and Chicago (both great college towns).

Kimberly Steele

College Planner

Kimberly’s first interaction with Class 101 was as a parent. Her son, Brody, was a college planning student of Tom’s Brody headed off to the University of Alabama in 2015-Roll Tide! In, 2016, with an empty nest, Kimberly joined Class 101 as a part-time college planner-spending her day working at Tates Creek Elementary and her evenings working with her high school clients. She loves getting to know her student and being able to join them in their quest for the college that fits them personally and financially. She and her husband love cruises, Disney, Chicago,  and entertaining friends at their home.

Olivia Thomas

Center Director

Olivia Thomas currently works as Center Director and college planner at Class 101 Lexington. She first came across Class 101 after Betsy Filchak suggested that she may be perfect for the role. On her first day, she participated in a regional college fair at Rupp Arena, and she hasn’t looked back. Seeing the connections the other college planners had for their current, previous, and future students on that day solidified her knowledge this was the right fit for her. Her favorite part about working at Class 101 is being able to see the difference this program makes in a student and their family's lives. Nothing compares to the experience of witnessing a student see that acceptance letter or receive a scholarship that will open the door to their future success.

Matthew Logsdon

College Planner

Matthew Logsdon is a Henry Clay High School teacher with 23 years of preparing kids for college. In fact, this knack for helping his juniors prepare for college, and writing not a few college rec letters led him to seek out Class101. His time in the classroom working with students combined with the decades of experience that comes with Class101 provides him with the opportunity to work with young men and women as they pursue their life’s goals. The best part of Class101 is the opportunity to mentor students and support families in their search for “the perfect school” whether that be in our back yard at The University of Kentucky, or at Indiana’s Depauw University, or across the country in the UC system. With thousands of schools to choose from, we help families find their place.

Merrelene Overall

College Planner

Merrelene Overall is a middle school teacher who teaches Technology and Robotics for Project Lead the Way. She has over seventeen years of experience in education. After successfully navigating the waters of college planning for her daughter, she made it a mission to help other students on their journey to secondary education. In fact, her skill for finding scholarships and camps for students, and successfully getting students into their dream college led her to seek employment with Class 101. Merrelene loves “opening doors and possibilities” for students and families. She is thrilled when assisting students in their discovery of the right college that fits them personally and financially. In her spare time, Merrelene enjoys travelling and spending time with her daughter, Milan.

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Our Lexington Students Say It Best


Because of Class 101… wow, I really don’t think I can put it into words. I’m headed to my dream school. I have a resume that I’m proud of. I got my ACT score up. I’ve experienced the impact that positive affirmation can have on an overscheduled and under slept teenager. I understand the research process to find a school that fits for me. I’m not going to fall into the never-ending pit of despair that is student debt. I’m ready for whatever happens next.

I truly am.

Taylor Galavotti - High Point U


My family couldn’t have figured it all out without Betsy, our college planner. She was there for every moment and was a true support system throughout the entire process. She watched me grow and is now a part of our family.

Lauren Weiss - U of Cincinnati

This is the second time my family has worked with Class 101. With my college planner’s help, I was able to improve my grades and write an amazing essay while abroad in Frankfurt, Germany. This made the distance between the two of us negligible, even before social distancing measures were put in place! Without Class 101, I would have been lost within the endless information required for applying to college. Thank you for making this difficult transition year so much more bearable!

Kai Oddo - Centre College

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