I’ve had a great time with the program.  I love having someone who knows what’s going on and who is a great motivator to get work done. I didn’t really know what I was looking for college-wise until I joined the program. Now, I really feel like I’m setting great goals for what I want to do in the future!



Class 101 helped me raise my ACT score 6 points and gain acceptance to 4 Universities. I could not have been so successful in the college application process without Class 101. It was the smartest investment I made this year



Class 101 has been an amazing learning experience for me. It has not only improved my test scores but also opened my eyes to aspects of college that otherwise I would not have approached. I love this program and all it has done for me, I can not wait to see what role it plays in my future!



Rennie helped me tremendously throughout my senior year. I was completely lost about college and the ACT before speaking to him but he made sure that I got what I needed and he helped raise my ACT score above and beyond what I thought I could make. He also helped me get a ton of scholarships and walked me through the whole process. Without him I probably would still be scrambling!



Class 101 helped me both in researching colleges I thought I wanted to attend, and helping me to decide which school was a fit for me. With Rennie’s guidance, I found my home for the next four years.


Class 101 provided me resources that allowed me to manage my time better and how to focus on my academic with a busy schedule. Class 101 helped me with study methods to better my ACT score.


Katy Sue

I put in the work and made good grades in high school, but I had no idea how to apply and market myself to colleges. With Class 101 Norman and Rennie’s expertise, I not only got into my dream school, I also received a full-tuition scholarship.



Class 101 was an amazing experience that I highly recommend to anyone trying to raise their ACT score! I learned several test taking strategies that helped me raise my score from a 24 to a 33!


Brian and Gina Fowler

Class 101 has provided our twins the 1 on 1 attention for college prep as well as searching for the perfect university for each of their individual needs and preferences. We are at ease knowing that they have Rennie’s guidance and expertise in college admissions and test and his resources have been invaluable to our family


Kim Hildebrand (Mom)

We used Class 101 to help with ACT tutoring, college planning and the application process. Rennie was our teacher, counselor, mediator, mentor and became a friend. He simply goes above and beyond. Without hesitation I will use Rennie snd Class 101 again in a few years when my youngest starts testing and choosing a college.



I enjoy the individual attention that class 101 provides for me with a plan to make sure that I am prepared in all areas such as ACT Prep, college search, resume building, and academics. Monthly meeting help in keeping me organized and on task.



Class 101 has made me feel more confident, knowledgeable, and invested in my future. Practice ACT and SAT tests along with speed reading practice has made me feel better prepared to take the actual tests when that time comes. My research assignments on many different colleges have helped me narrow down which colleges would be the best fit for me. Class 101 and Rennie keep me responsible for my future and focused on plans to get there.



The ACT Prep class helped by focusing on the minor details and techniques in each section that could help improve my score. As a result, my overall score and test taking ability improved, which led to increased opportunities and receiving the State Regents’ Scholarship valued at close to $50,000.



Working with Class 101 for college prep has lifted a weight from our shoulders. Having an expert guide us through the process who’s only agenda is helping our daughter succeed is priceless. So happy we made this investment in her future.



Being apart of class 101 has been so beneficial for me. Not only has it helped raise my ACT score but it’s helped me become a better test taker than I use to be. For that I’m beyond thankful for Rennie’s help!



Class 101 has been so helpful in teaching me what to look for in a college or university. Rennie has been amazing in guiding me through all of the college prep and helping me to stay organized and on task with the college search to find the perfect fit for me.