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Moomina Sideek

Franchise Owner / College Planner

Moomina began her career as a Software professional who worked with top IT companies such as SAS Inc and IBM. She had trained and motivated several stay-at-home moms who had taken a break from their career to bounce back with confidence. She had formed a support group called BAAB-BEE (Bounce-After-A-Break) Team and created a platform that helps women learn the required technical skills to relaunch their career. Her passion for teaching began at a very young age. She loves to work with youth. A President Award Girl Guide herself, she helps her Girl Scout Troop as a Troop Co-leader guiding the girls connect with the community making this world a better place to live. She has done several social and community welfare projects. She has several years of experience in teaching children both in-person and virtual. She is a successful Toastmaster and motivational public speaker. She has delivered several speeches and hosted many talk shows. She lives with her husband Sideek Sinnathambi and has three daughters Ruwaydah, Rashidah, and Maryam. Her experience in college planning for her daughter has motivated her to pursue this college planning journey.

Fatima Kalanjiam

Franchise Owner / College Planner

Fatima Kalanjiam built her successful career in IT and had the opportunity to work for CitiBank,N.A; United States Air Force and MetLife. In addition to progressing from an Analyst to Management Positions in a short span, She has also been a great mentor for several of her Colleagues. Her passion for learning and teaching while helping others to succeed,which was inspired by her father, started at an early age, which she continued and was much appreciated at her workplace. She actively volunteers alongside her Husband, Mujib Kider and her three wonderful Kids - Husna, Adheem and Hooriya. She enjoys working with youth and young adults. She was motivated to help other families with College planning after her own experience with her daughter’s college planning process. As she went through the college process for her daughter, she realized how complex and stressful the college admission process is. She is committed to Empower and Serve the high school students and families and to Inspire greatness.

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Moomina Sideek

Fatima Kalanjiam





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Our Students Know Best

Anna Glen

Class 101 helped me in so many distinct ways. It forced me to critically think about colleges in a different way, and ultimately helped me land my dream school. Through one-on-one sessions, ACT prep, and the guidance the Class 101 team offered, my college application process was much easier than my peers. But it didn’t stop with the acceptance letter. My advisor was right by my side as I applied for scholarships, honors colleges, and more! Thank you, Class 101 for everything—I couldn’t have done it without you.

Anna G

University of Georgia

Taylor Galavotti

Wow, I really don’t think I can put it into words. I’m headed to my dream school. I have a resume that I’m proud of.  I got my ACT score up. I’ve experienced the impact that positive affirmation can have on an over-scheduled and under-slept teenager. I understand the research process to find a school that fits for me. I’m not going to fall into the never-ending pit of despair that is student debt. I’m ready for whatever happens next.

Taylor G

High Point University

Julian Palmisano

Because of Class 101 I have grown as a student and as a person. Preparing for college can be tricky for high schoolers. Picking a college, deciding a major, and preparing for the ACT are just some of the things that Class 101 has been able to help me with over the last few years. My college planner,  was able to guide me through one of the most important chapters in my life and I am forever grateful. I joined Class 101 as a sophomore with very little idea of what direction I wanted to take my life in. Now, I am just a few months from beginning my first semester of nursing school at the University of Louisville. Without the help of Class 101, I would not have as much confidence in myself and my decisions. Every moment over the last few years has been worth it.

Julian P

University of Louisville

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