August 20, 2021

Top 5 Things Every Student (and Parent) Needs to Know About the PSAT

1. Most students take the PSAT in grades 10 or 11 

There are nearly 4 million high school students who take the PSAT every year—a major milestone on the road to college. The PSAT is targeted to high academic achievers who are on their way to postsecondary success. Students can take the PSAT in either the 10th or 11th grade. 

2.  It’s not just a practice test

Some think the PSAT is simply a practice test—an indicator of where a student may score on the SAT. But most don’t know that, for juniors, the PSAT is also the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Program—one of the most exciting (and prestigious) honors a high school student can earn. At Class 101, we’re proud to have helped over 200 juniors receive National Merit scholarships—and your student could be next! 

3. The PSAT is the only way students can be awarded a National Merit scholarship 

Providing over $40 million in scholarships each year, National Merit awards range from one-time $2,500 scholarships to corporate- or college-sponsored scholarships at full-tuition. This means your student could earn thousands of dollars in scholarships! 

4. It only happens once a year! 

The primary nationwide test day is Wednesday, October 13. However, in response to COVID, the College Board is offering some flexibility with administration test dates also being offered on Saturday, October 1 and Tuesday, October 26. Students will want to work with their school directly to determine which day they will take the test. 

Students can register for and take the PSAT at their own high school. If their school doesn’t offer it, they may need to take it at a nearby school. The College Board’s school search tool is a great way to check out which schools in your area administer it.

5. Preparation is key 

In the world of standardized tests, taking small steps early on can add up to big scores. And with the PSAT being predictable, mastering a strategy for acing the questions is more than possible. Learning the test format in advance will pay off. Class 101 has a comprehensive PSAT prep course designed for students to quickly master all PSAT exam topics. 

Sign your student up for Class 101’s PSAT Test Prep Course today to not only sharpen their test-taking skills—but to help them gain the confidence needed to stay calm and collected. From short video lessons to interactive practice quizzes, when October 13, National Test Day arrives, your student will be confident and well-equipped to earn the highest score possible.

Ready to make test day the best day? Find a location near you and get information on their PSAT Prep Course, or email .

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