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Our process.

Did you know that a student’s college application is a summary of all four years of high school, and not just their junior year? That’s why we say, “early engagement is a game-changer!” when it comes to maximizing college and scholarship opportunities.

We offer a comprehensive roadmap from 9th to 12th grade, making the path to higher education more enjoyable for families.

Our proven methods
show an average increase per student of:


High school roadmap

9th & 10th grade: Planning, Development & Placement

College list development

Academic/GPA goals

DISC analysis

Explore interests, majors & careers

Begin a Class 101 separator

ACT/SAT/PSAT practice tests & baseline score

Resume building

Extracurricular activities and summer camps

Involvement in clubs and volunteering

Internship, employment and leadership opportunities

College visits

11th & 12th grade: Prep, Testing, Scholarships & Financial Aid

Fall and spring test prep classes

GPA & test prep improvement

Teacher recommendations

College essay development and workshops

Summer power camps

College applications

Essay and resume submissions

Merit-based scholarship applications

Private and outside scholarship applications

Student loan applications

FAFSA, CSS and financial aid forms

Admission interview coaching

College transition process


Our platform.

How do we manage all 10 services over the course of 4 years with your student? That’s easy. We track everything through our digital platform. From college reports to practice tests to parent updates, our platform stores everything in one place.

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Our Meetings.

It’s simple: we work around your schedule. We meet one-on-one based on your preference for virtual or in-person meetings. In between meetings, every student will have an electronic list of items to complete with deadlines.

Meeting frequency increases with each grade level:

8th & 9th grade: every 8 weeks

10th grade: every 6 weeks

11th grade: every 4 weeks

12th grade: every 2 weeks


Our Network.

Class 101 has over 100 college planners in over 56 locations across the United States. Within our national network, you’ll have access to college representatives, college planning webinars, admissions events, and other valuable resources to tap into.

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