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Built on a strong foundation.

Tom Pabin, Class 101’s Founder, got his start back in the 90’s as a youth minister in Lexington, Kentucky. When a mother of one of his ministry students needed college guidance for her daughter, Tom accepted the challenge. He not only helped her get into college, but also helped her save thousands of dollars in the process. This simple request sparked a lifelong passion for college planning. From there, a business was born.

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And that’s how it all started.In one community, with one
person helping one student find–and afford–the right college.


Today, Class 101 is a
nationwide company that guides high school students through the daunting process of applying to college.

We help navigate the complex, multi-year process by working one-on-one with students as early as their freshman year of high school. We offer a comprehensive roadmap for our students, making the path to higher education more enjoyable for families.

Since 1997

At Class 101, we empower students, serve families and inspire greatness. This means it’s not just about getting into college, but helping students find their future. We utilize personality and career assessment tools to help students gain a deeper awareness of their likes, interests and strengths. This not only helps to align students’ personal interests and priorities with the admissions process, but helps them think critically about decisions that can positively impact their future.

Tom Pabin

“On paper, we are comprehensive college planners, but in the day-to-day work with students, we are mentors, coaches, teachers, counselors and advisors,” says Tom. “We’re here to make a positive impact in a young person’s life.”

Tom Pabin

Class 101 Founder

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