February 10, 2021

5 Facts About the ACT Test | About the ACT

1. Anyone Can Take the ACT According to the ACT test website, in 2019, more than 1.78 million students took the ACT. Anyone — and we mean anyone — can take it. Students ranging from 6th to 12th grade are eligible to take the ACT, although exam-goers generally tackle it during the spring semester of their junior year. Students who’d like to try again tend to do so in the fall of their senior year.

2. The ACT Is Widely Accepted

A good score can help you get admitted to most four-year colleges and universities in the United States. The point being: Take the ACT. It’s not the SAT’s little brother — it’s a key to your future. At Class 101, we advise students to take the ACT multiple times to get the best outcome. There are many opportunities to take the ACT throughout the year. For more info on the 2021-2022 test dates, click here.

3. The ACT is Scored from 1–36

On the ACT, the number of your correct answers on one of the subdisciplines gives you a score between 1 and 36 on each multiple-choice test, and your composite score is the average of your scores on those four sections. The average composite score on the ACT is 21. A score of 16 or below is considered low, while most elite schools usually take students with scores of 30 and up. Some schools accept a “superscore” which is the average of your highest scores on each subdiscipline.

4. The ACT Is Four Tests

English, reading, science, mathematics — these are the four multiple-choice tests in the ACT. Let’s comb through how they divide into subdisciplines that you’ll be tested on:

* English: Rhetoric, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure.

* Reading: Comprehension.

* Science: Scientific charts, graphs, and research.

* Mathematics: Preparing for higher math, number and quantity, algebra, functions, geometry, statistics and probability, integrating essential skills, and modeling.

5. Practice Makes Progress

Above all else, students: Practice! Practice! Practice! Test-taking is often more taking than test — it requires strategy and planning, rather than intelligence alone, to progress. At Class 101, we offer a comprehensive ACT course with an official ACT study guide and an online access portal. This also includes things from video lessons to interactive practice quizzes. So, sign up today to ensure your student is prepared with not only the best test-taking skills but also the boost of confidence needed for test day.

Ready to make test day the best day? Register for our ACT Prep Course by calling 859.277.2371 or email [email protected] for more information.

Updated April 2024

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