Erica Li

UNC-Chapel Hill

Ms. Li-Shing and Class101 played a big role in helping me get into the school of my dreams. My ACT and SAT scores improved tremendously. Class101 taught me to manage my time wisely, which I will use throughout my life. I was no longer worried about the multiple essays nor deadlines due to their coaching and help in prioritizing college applications. I strongly recommend Class101 to all high schoolers.

Sara Meehan

UNC-Chapel Hill

Class 101 was an invaluable part of my college application experience. With their help, I truly felt that my top schools were within reach. The individualized feedback on college essays, monthly meetings, and ACT preparation are all priceless resources to have a competitive application.
Thanks to Class 101, I was able to get into UNC Chapel Hill and pursue my academic ambitions. When comparing my application experience to my peers, it is clear that Class 101 helped me to be organized much earlier, which helped me feel confident about my application. I cannot say enough good things about my mentorship experience.